Get Ready

ICEIS Safety intends to cater to the workforce demands of the thriving oil and construction industry in a market with shrinking labor force. The goal is to meet this demand with the people resources available locally and also allow local population the flexibility to avail of opportunities within the province. The target population is Aboriginal / Metis communities including the disadvantaged and at risk groups. Participants will find the program informative and enriching. The mandate is to equip the target resource with job readiness skills so that they can overcome their barriers to employment and achieve long-term attachment to the workforce. This unique program has an advantage over other short term programs that fail to achieve longevity at workplace. The graduates will also have the added advantage of “on call” guidance support.

Potential employers will find trained employees locally who can later develop into different roles on the job. Certified safety trained workers will save oil companies/potential employers money from having to train new hires, outsource and relocate personnel from other regions and countries. We have the trained workforce right here, let’s utilize them and promote our locals with employment and a better future.

ICEIS Safety is determined to set the bar for in-depth training and go even further by providing assistance to the participants so that personal problems and crisis do not interfere with the program. The goal is to see a 100% success rate of participants who will be able to sustain themselves professionally. The effort of ICEIS Safety will be to create, maintain and strengthen partnerships with youth, community organizations, employers, industry, and various levels of government agencies.

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